Stay Independent

Do you want to stay independent?
Do your loved ones live far away?
Are you prepared to expect the unexpected?
Do you need assistance planning your future?

Stay in control, enjoy peace of mind and receive personalized service.

  • We provide resource assessment, coordination and monitoring of service and health care providers.
  • We assist with your long-term healthcare planning and physician relationships, to protect your quality care and to maintain your quality of life.
  • Health is only one aspect of a person’s life. We bring families, professional advisors, and health care teams together to ensure communications are effective, decisions are viable, and your needs, values, and preferences are principal.
  • Our ongoing counseling often reduces the amount of time spent with higher-cost professional services, and reduces worry, stress, and time off work.

Comprehensive Planning

Our evaluation is designed to recognize the uniqueness and individuality of your needs. Our goal is to get an overall picture of your needs, values, and wants, whether they are emotional, spiritual, social, functional, or environmental. The comprehensive evaluation is conducted in the home and can serve to support and guide other service and health care providers.

Daily Money Management

We can help you navigate bills, budgets, insurance claims and record keeping. We don't just assist with your money management & budget; we work to protect you from financial/material fraud and exploitation.


Planning now allows you to anticipate the road ahead and live your later years to the fullest. We provide counseling and facilitate services to plan your long-term quality care, including living/placement, finances, legal, and end-of-life arrangements and wishes.

Staying Independent

Serving Seniors, the Disabled, their Family Members, and their Caregivers in the Santa Clarita, San Fernando, and Antelope Valleys.

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Elder Life Connections

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"Thank you for all your loving service to mom and our family. Blessings."

– Trudi S.
Kansas City, MO

"Thank you! Your knowledge and experience saved me. I fear I would still be cooped up in that nursing facility if you had not come to my rescue."

– Leland B.
Pinon Pines, CA

"Elder Life Connections provided objective assessments and practical support for our family during the emotional rollercoaster of finding the best placement for my uncle who had dementia."

– Patrice B.

"Elder Life Connections' insider knowledge of corporate culture in combination with her understanding of our complicated healthcare system was critical in helping me apply for and receive disability benefits."

– Alyce D.

“I was simply too tired to manage my daily affairs after an emergency surgery and extended hospital stay. Elder Life Connections provided the professional services and information that got me back on track, and gave me great comfort and care.”

– Helen S. Friendly Valley

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